Flash Mobs

Flash Mob! A what? Sounds pretty dangerous doesn’t it? Or at least some form of mass nudity? haha.

I’m unsure of where I first heard the term but upon watching “Friends with benefits” (which is not something we should promote but I guess it is happening. So if you are a parent or in youth ministry maybe you should check it out) I was once more reminded of this trend that has grown quite big across the world. It is reported to have begun in the USA, Manhattan in March 2003 by the senior editor of Harper’s Magazine. It is also being used by various youth groups in a form of ministry.

Word about flash mobs are spread via various social networking sites, texting and any other means of communication so that it could be well-coordinated. At the end of a flash mob everybody just walks away as if nothing has happened.

So then, what is the purpose of a flash mob? At first it was to address conformity but clearly by its spontaneity is completely the opposite. Honestly, I don’t really know the reasons why except that it looks really cool.

Check out this one on the Hallelujah chorus done in a shopping mall in 2010 (it’s really good, worth a watch).

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