Enjoy the Ride…

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity in speaking at various churches over the past few weeks yet each time I prepare the sermon, deliver the sermon and reflect upon the sermon, I realise how inadequate I am and have been in the process. Though it is part and parcel of what I do, I can only acknowledge that the divine is actively involved in this process. God has promised that His word will never return to him empty but will always accomplish the desire and purpose for which he has sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

When I prepare I have in mind the outcome that I would like to see or what I believe God has in store but many times at the conclusion of the sermon I discover that it has not even come close to what I thought it would be. I am amazed that while God chooses to use us, he has his own agenda and his own outcomes and many times what I desire falls tremendously short of his.

In that is a tremendous blessing and guarantee, the blessing and guarantee that says, trust God and allow him to do just what he chooses to do and the outcome will always be amazing. It will be an outcome that is beyond what we can ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Look at the life of Moses (Exodus 3) when God confronts him at the burning bush and he tells God that he stutters and is not cut out for the job. Yes, while God gave him Aaron, we see what God has done through and with Moses, only because he availed himself to God. So when the task seems insurmountable, do not fret, the impossible is possible.

So what is my point?

  1. Trust God when he asks you to be available for him even when we feel we do not have what it takes, ultimately he will grant you success.
  2. God’s plans are bigger than ours and not even in our wildest imagination do we have clue of what he has in store for us.
  3. Enjoy the ride – God is in control.

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