The Novice

It’s been a while since I last spoke at a youth gathering, in front of what will probably be hundreds of youth (well at least that’s the hope). And to be honest, my nerves are messing me around quite a bit, all thanks to Keenen Manuel aka Dippy for inviting me 🙂 . It seems that the fear of public speaking is listed amongst the top fears in the world and often rated number one. So apart from not speaking in this type of setting for a while and public speaking being listed close to the tope of the world’s fear list, is also the fact that it’s about eternal security. How do you speak to this type of group of people, having so many pressures about something that can be life or death? (Boy talk about me slapping on the pressure!). So after years of public speaking, I realised again, that  it’s not something you can easily get used to. I’m just a novice after all…

Well if you are free come along to Silvertown Baptist Church on the 8th June 2012 @ 7.30pm, I’m sure it will be a great evening. The theme for the evening is Transformers.


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