Free At Last?

27 April 1994, I can remember long queues of people about to cast their first democratic vote. I can remember rain. I can remember excitement and I can remember fear. I can remember what this day was for and what it was about. I can remember pride as a South African.

This day was for freedom. This day was so that each and every South African had an inalienable right to be a person in their own country, in their own home. This day was for each South African to be able to earn a decent wage so that we could put bread on the table. This day was so that we could tell our youth, our children that every person, irrespective of culture or colour, is a person. This day is about sacrifice, because people, young and old, male and female, black and white, laid down their lives so we could have this freedom. For some it was forcibly taken. For others it still lingers. Freedom came at a price.

While we may not be satisfied and pleased with what is happening today, we realise that true freedom cannot be brought about politically because someone will always have the power. Whether it be economic, politically or in any other form. True freedom is about being free from the control of  others and ultimately ourselves. In this sense freedom is an illusion because we will always be subject to someone with authority, someone who has a say over our time, our economics, our lives. We will always be enslaved to someone or something.

So what is freedom then? And how can we attain true freedom?

The person who the Son sets free will be free indeed (John 8:36).

Freedom will come at a price.

It will come at the surrender of yourself.

It will only truly come with Jesus Christ in your life.

You want to celebrate freedom?

Celebrate Christ.


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