A happy voice

I was at a 30th wedding anniversary last night with some amazing people. Had some good food and great laughs.

Firstly, when the couple shared a bit about their lives, I couldn’t help but notice the tapestry that has been woven by God even when we are unable to see the bigger picture or understand the process which at times can be extremely painful. Yet it is only with hindsight that when we look at the weaving through time can we understand what God was busy doing.

Secondly, our lives and struggles are unique and it’s no use trying to compare ourselves to anyone because it is yours. So the sooner we get to accepting it the better off we will be. So own it because no one else would be better suited to live it. Besides it was given to us by God even though at times we wish we wouldn’t want it.

Thirdly, if by the time you die and you have five true friends, you are blessed. Friends whose presence does not only offer a safe environment but is a safe environment that allow you to be completely vulnerable and share your deepest pain and fears and joys without fear of judgement and envy. One such person alone is worth gold and i was blessed and privileged with such last night.

My prayer would be that you too May have such blessings that makes life worthwhile.

This is my voice… A happy one 🙂


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