A Camping Experience

Two tent camping week ends in a row… I can officially say I am tired… and sore… and challenged… and blessed.

Let me tell you of my second camping experience which was a youth camp at Berg River Resort. That in itself should tell you that you are going to be tired after the experience of which I am. It should also tell that you will be sore of which I am too. It should also tell you that you will be challenged, which makes it three out of three so far. And ultimately it should tell you that you will be blessed, which made it a 100% experience for me. Four out of four.

The theme of the camp was unity. I guess it can be looked at from various angles, but this was specifically amongst the youth group itself. It began a little rocky, but I will be leaving out the nasties (because I can haha) and be telling you of the nice things. Because after all we like hearing about the nice things hey?

Things I have once again been reminded about:

  1. Young people are not afraid of adults. They do not despise adults. The thinking that youth cannot get along with adults is a MYTH! All they want are adults who care about them and not for wanting to get anything out of them but who actually, legitimately and honestly care. Yes, I would love for them to accept Christ as Saviour but if that is the only reason then you have missed the boat. It is more than just a spiritual conversion we should desire, but a holistic experience and transformation.
  2. No-one, I mean no-one is too far from grace that God cannot change. Not even Manenberg! When you hear Manenberg, I’m sure you think gangs, drugs, wine, murders etc. etc. But you know, when God hears Manenberg, he thinks souls, potential, what can be! It is a truth and reality that I have seen and experienced.
  3. Sometimes the biggest problem in youth ministry is youth ministry itself. We become so program driven and focussed that we miss the small subtleties that is so important in relationships. The eye contact. The 5 minute chat. Getting into their world and allowing them to direct our thoughts and yes even our programs. Sometime we can be the biggest enemy in youth ministry.

So how do we get around these challenges? Simple! Get into the ring and face them head on. Let them know that you are there and that they matter. Everything matters and not just their spiritual condition. THEY ARE IMPORTANT!

So when is the next camp?


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