What are they thinking?

This year….

I have struggled. I have fallen but have stood up again.

It might not have been easy but I am up!

The bruises are still there, I can see them and so can many others.

I have loved and lost. I have laughed and cried.

I have grown, clumsily at times and not according to what the media sees as hot or cool.

But I am me!

I learned and at times I may not have understood but even that has been learning.

I studied. I studied hard.

At times I may have given up but I continued.

I pushed through. At least I hope!

Now another year looms but the old has not yet passed!

Will I be successful?

If I have not made it…

Please do not call me a failure, because I already feel like one.

Please do not compare me to anyone because I am me, warts and all.

Please do not tell me “I told you so” because I know where I am and who is to blame.

Please do not cry, I have shed many tears already and it won’t help my case. 

Please… just be there for me.

Let me know it will be okay.

Let me know you still proud of me.

Let me know I am still loved.

Let me know it doesn’t end here and that life will go on.

At this time of the year, teenage suicide soars! Let us not be part of the reason!


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