Breaking Dawn

So let’s talk Breaking dawn by Stephanie Meyer….


Yes, yes I watched it. Was it anything like the book? Well it seldom is, but that’s not the point! I enjoyed the experience because my wife simply loves it. Yes, I might have serious issues with vampires that sparkle, or werewolves that is overly emotional, and girls who do not know who they want! I mean is it possible to love two people at the same time? Probably hey?


I remember watching “Phenomenon” starring John Travolta who said that he read Lady Chatterley’s Lover twice because he wanted to understand the mind of a woman. Watching this series was something like that. As much as I think Edward and Jacob are wimps the romance that is offered by them is real. The willingness to fight for a woman’s love is challenging. And their allegiance to those they love is admirable. Yes there are many bad things we can say about the movie, but those are things that I gleaned from it.


I hope that I may always be able to sweep my Mia-Cara’s feet from under her and make her look at me the way they do in the film. I hope that I will always fight for her and never stop fighting for her even when it seems like there is no hope. And I hope that I will always be loyal to the people I love and be there for them.


So, that has been my experience with the movie. I’m not sure what yours have been…


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