A place on the podium!

So i was at a modelling show of my niece who is eight years old and i cannot help but smile at the pure innocence of these kids but i have to wonder to what degree are we fostering an unhealthy self image or perspective for these kids?

What happens When one is chosen over the other as the winner? What message are we sending to our kids? You not pretty enough! You are not beautiful! You cannot compare to the person that won the competition.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this (as i do acknowledge modelling as an industry and career much good has come from this) but as adults we need to consider the far reaching effects of what we promote and how we do it. We cannot encourage this type of negligence as adults and parents. Our kids have enough self esteem problems and unhealthy pictures and images of what is beautiful and popular to still compete for a place on the podium.

In the end my niece did not win and her response? “I feel sad! I don’t feel like a princess!” (I’ve added a picture of her, don’t you think she is just gorgeous? A true princess)

May God grant us wisdom as adults to nurture and protect our kids and not exploit or harm them.


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